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Ever wonder what beez do for fun, way up in the treetops? Take a sneak peek into the buzzing life of busy beez. Join in on the fun and games of Billy, Honey, Queenie and the rest of the Beez hive to see what all the buzzzz is about! Way up in the treetops of the jungle, Billy and his friends play all day, racing down slides and climbing from tree to tree.

Everyone from Papa to Baby, Buzzy to Buddy have a blast making memories together. The whole hive gets in on the fun! Their world is full of sky high and twisting slides, but the Rainbow Wave is their favorite because they can all ride at the same time! Racing your friends is so much fun. There’s even a special place for the little beez, where they can have fun together and explore the treetop world like the big beez!

Exciting adventures to be had and memories to be made! Billy and the Beez love making new friends and sharing their secret world. Mums, granddads, cousins, best friends, neighbours and everyone in between come out to buzz through the jungle. The best part is, you’re invited! Now you have the chance to play like a busy bee and have fun with your family and friends. You’re invited to explore our secret world and make your own adventure!

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