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The leader of the pack, always making sure everyone is having a blast. Billy was the first to stand up and say, “Let’s have some fun!” His favorite thing to do is start a ball battle with his friends in the Ballistics arena.


Queenie is not one to sit and watch, this lovely lady can be found playing alongside the littles ones. This momma bee can always be counted on to join in on the fun!


Buzzy is a fun-loving bee, always up for a slide race. He can be found zooming down the Super Speed slide or leading the way down the Rainbow Wave slide. His secret to winning… Blue is the fastest colour!


Papa is a proud parent who teaches the little ones about friendship, sportsmanship, the importance of fitness, and of course, a healthy dose of fun! His pup-bee, Stripe, can usually be found buzzing along after him.

Uncle Bumble

Where there’s mischief, you’ll find Uncle Bumble. He is always concocting a plan to make playing even more magical. He’s been seen buzzing through the treetops, leaving a trail of sparks everywhere he goes.


Never was there ever a bee that loved parties so much! Honey is always at the center of the event and enjoys surrounding herself with happy guests. She makes every day feel like a celebration!


This petite little lady bee is wide-eyed and curious. She loves to play alongside the big Beez and go everywhere they go. Polly may be small, but she is a huge ball of fun!


Buddy is the little brother that can’t wait until he’s a big bee. He can always be found a few steps behind big brother, Buzzy, following him down the slides.


The youngest of the Beez is Baby, a high-spirited and very inquisitive little one. He can be found buzzing around Mini Beez all day, staying close to Queenie’s side, of course!

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